How to create adsense for search unit ads

Google Adsense is one of best way to monetize a blog or website. Adsense offers 3 types of advertising like content, link and search units. Adsense for search unit helps to boost blog earning also, it helps readers to find contents on your blog. Moreover, showing search results on your blog can lower down bounce rate. 


When we configure Adsense for search, we have two options to show search results:

  • Within Blog page
  • On Google page in same window or in new window

Personally, I think showing results within blog page is best as it helps you lower down bounce rate. Here are steps to create Adsense for search unit:

Create Adsense for Search Unit

How to create adsense for search unit ads?

Step1 : Login to your Adsense account.

Step2 : Click ‘My Ads’ and then ‘Custom Search Engines’

Step3 : Click ‘New custom search engine’ and fill name,  keywords, etc.

Step4 :  In “What to Search”, select “Only Sites I select” and write the complete URLs (Including HTTP://) of the sites you want to search. You may only add your site to show results from your blog/site.


Step 5 : Scroll to “Search Results” and select “On my website using an iframe”. You can set width of result area as per your site layout.




Step6 : Now login to your website dashboard and create a new page. This page will be the place where the search results would be shown. You can give this page name as “search-results” and don’t forget to use no index tag for that page or don’t publish this page. So let’s assume your page name is , you this URL in step 5. 

Step7 : Now click “Save and get code”, it will generate 2 codes

1. Search box code : It is code to display search on your webpage. You can add this code where you want to show search box.

2. Search result code : This code is to display search results within your webpage.

Step8 : Open HTML editor of the page you created in 6th step. Paste the search result code you got in the previous step. If HTML code is not working by adding this directly  to page then you can use plugin to add HTML code to your page like XYZ HTML plugin.

Step9 : Create a text widget and add Search box code to it. Now, you place this widget to anywhere in your sidebar. If search box size is not matching with sidebar size then, update “size=”  in search box code(1st code).

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