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4 Ways to Increase Mturk Earning

MTURK - Amazon WorkPlace

Are you a Mturk worker? Do you know you can make good amount of money by working on Mturk? I have been working on this site since last two years, and I am earning around $10-30 daily by only working for 1-2 hours. When, I was new to this site, I used to make only $1-5 daily, However, my earning increased as I learnt many ways to improve it.You can also increase mturk earning by working on these simple steps. Today, I decided to share these simple ways with other Mturk users. Here are the methods which I use whenever I work on Mturk:

4 ways to increase Mturk earning

1. Search best hit to work: It is better to use search option for hits instead of going through all the pages and wasting your valuable time. Before you click GO button, make sure that sort by is set at “Reward Amount(most first)” and search check only for which you are qualified. This will make sure that you are only looking into hits which you can complete, also which will pay you more. I always use few terms to search hits, which I found that are most common for hits. You can search for following terms:

  • Survey – Searches all hits which need you to complete a survey
  • Decision – Hits which requires you make some decisions
  • Game – Hits which requires you to test game
  • Task – Hits which requires you to complete some simple tasks
  • Test – Any kind of testing hits
  • Search - Hits which requires you to do google, yahoo or bingo search

Few other terms are easy, quick, simple, fun, etc. Here is an example of similar kind of search result Before, I clicked GO button: Mturk hit search option - Increase Mturk Earning   After, I clicked GO button: Mturk search result - Increase Mturk Earning













You can see that after I clicked go button, I got 54 hits on which I can work at the moment. I can decide on hit, I should work now rather than wasting my time by scrolling through all the pages containing 755 hits.

You can also try MturkList. This site shows all hits which are shared by users with rating and time taken to complete the same. It is very helpful to work on a good hit. You can choose hit which is rated higher and require very less time to complete.

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2. Use OpenTurk chrome extension to notify for new hits: I use Open Turk chrome extension to notify me when some kind of hits like surveys are available. You can download this extension from here . I have been using this extension since last one month and I have seen 60% increase in my daily earning. Once Open Turk extension is installed, you can subscribe for hit on which you like working and want notification. Also, it can recommend you hits which are shared by other users.

Open_Turk - Increase Mturk Earning Open_turk - Increase Mturk EarningYou can find more details about this extension on their site.

3. Complete Qualification: There are many qualification hits available, You can always complete these hits whenever you have no hit to work, completing these hits will enable you to work on more hits in future. Ex. If you complete adult qualification hit then you would be able to complete all hits which requires adult qualification. Also, You can browse all hits and complete or request qualification required for that particular hit.

request qualification at Mturk - Increase Mturk Earning

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4. Maintain high approval rate: If your approval rate is less than 90%, then it is every difficult to get many hits on mturk and it will impact your earnings. If you maintain high approval rate(95% or above) then you also have more chances to work on hits with high pay rate.

How to increase Approval Rate In MTURK?

There are many hits which are available 24*7 with high approval rate. You can work on these hits and increase your approval rate, even though you’ll make less money by working on these hits but it will ensure that you get hits which pay more in future.

P. S. - Contact me or write in comment section, if you have any other way to increase earning or if you need any help.

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How to work on Mturk?


When I joined Mturk, I didn’t know from where I should start so I stopped working on this amazing site. After almost 6 months, I again joined this site and tried to learn the way of working. Now after 6 months working on Mturk, I can say it is very easy to work here. i have earned almost $1000 on this site by doing tasks which I like to do.If you have joined Mturk and confused about how to work on this site then don’t worry, I am here with all details, just go through below steps and start earning now.

How to work on Mturk?

Steps to work on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk):

Step 1 : How to join MTurk?

First join Mturk, click this link and join as worker –

Click Sign in as a “worker” and then check “I am new user”,  enter your email address, password you want and sign in.

How to join Mturk - How to work on Mturk



Once you signup for MTurk, your account will be reviewed by Amazon team and once approved/rejected you will get mail from Amazon.

After you account is approved, you can check your earning and hit status at link

Step 2: How to find MTurk Hit?

Find hit to start working on hit.

How to select hit on MTurk - How to work on Mturk




You can sort hits based on following terms:

Sort Hits on MTurk - How to work on Mturk








Step 3: How to accept MTurk Hit?

Once you have found hit to work, click “view a hit in this group” and accept hit before you start working on hit.

How to accept hit on MTurk - How to work on Mturk







Once you clicked “view a hit in this group”, click Accept Hit and start working on hit.

Step 4: How to work on MTurk Hit?

Once you complete hit, don’t forget to submit hit also you should submit hit before time expires. Many of Amazon hits will require you to submit hit with completion code which you will get from external site where you completed task/survey.

Just make sure that you have entered correct code or your hit will be rejected. Once, your hit is approved by requester, your account will be credited.

Step 5: How to withdraw money at Mturk?

You can withdraw your money as soon as you have $25 in your account. Currently mturk is not paying through Paypal. Amazon sends Paycheck so make sure that you have given correct address and name. there is $4 processing fees for every cheque.

You can request your check at below link:


Now you know that how to work on MTurk, so lets get started.

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