Payment Proofs

I get many mails asking if I am really getting paid for working online. I have set this page to show that all sites, I have mentioned on my blog is paying. I would be posting payment proofs on this page. I shall keep editing this page on regular basis.

Payments from GPT sites:


Total Payment Received – 5 ($37.95)

swagbucks payment proofRewardingWays:

Total Payment Received – 71 ($232.95)

rewardingways payment proof


Total Payment Received – 111 ($453.50)

superpay payment proof





Total Payment Received – 131 ($532.50)

offernation payment proof


Total Payment Received – 3 ($16.80)

powercoins payment proof

Payments From PTC Sites:


Total Payment Received – 23 ($340.37)

neobux payment proof



Total Payment Received – 10 ($134.51)

Clixsense payment proof



Total Payment Received – 4 ($4.25)

clicksia payment proof


Total Payment Received – 8 ($10.34)

donkeymails payment proof


Payments from android app:

Tapporo(Not Paying):

Total Payment Received – 2 ($10.50)

Use code TAPRK233002  after installing app and registering, You’ll earn $0.25 instantly.

tapporo payment proof


Payments from miscellaneous sites:


Total Payment Received – 17 ($311)

I joined freelancer site and then someone contacted me from that site, Now I am making about $20 weekly for work of about 5 hours.

freelancer payment proof



Total Payment Received – 29 (EUR 572  = $665.98)

I do not work much on this site, most of the payments I received were commission for referring others to site.

clickworker payment proof


Total Payment Received – 21 ($2800.96)

This site is accepting new members from only USA. I have received 9 pay-checks till now for amount of about $2500. You can find payments proofs here. I’ll upload new proof here once I receive my next pay-check.

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