Outsourcing Sites For Home Based Job Seekers


There are many companies, which prefer employees on part-time(whenever there is requirement or work) than full-time jobs. These companies hire employees from third-party on a contract basis. The hiring of employees from third-party is called outsourcing.

There are many outsourcing sites which connect job seekers to paid employment. A company or individual can post a job on these outsourcing sites and members of outsourcing sites can apply for that job. Then, employer can decide whom to select for the job depending on his/her qualification. 

There are many sites which offer outsourcing jobs, however only few are legit and popular among employers. I have listed these site here.

Outsourcing Sites For Home Based Job Seekers



Elance is one of the oldest freelancer sites. Its concept is very simple; employers post their job and afterwards bidders perform biding on that job. Employers after that select a job seeker based on biding price and his qualification. Here is a small snapshot of Elance’s performance:




World’s largest classified site which allows for a massive range of freedom in posting for and finding talent. The biggest advantage of site is that you can find local employer or a local job on this site. There’s no “reputation” system for contractors, so most of the employers prefer local job seekers.




oDesk focuses on by-the-hour contracting rather than fixed-project pricing. They also strongly push the visibility aspect of the software, which allows you to “watch your contractors work” via remote screen-casting software and tracks hourly progress. So, if you are looking for some serious work then this site is for you. If you own a website then you can participate in their affiliate program also.

Mechanical Turk:



Mechanical Turk is a subsidiary of Amazon. If you are from USA then you can register on this site, it has stopped taking new members from other countries for now. Mturk members are called Turkers, these Turkers work on small tasks which are called hits and get paid once employer approve a task. For non-USA members there are few alternative sites of mechanical turk(mturk).



As the name suggests, this site is for people who want to work as a part-timer. You can select a task from various categories and bid on it. Once you bid is selected by employers, you can start working on it.  An employer has to pay few percentages of total payment before a freelancer starts working on a task. You can withdraw money using Paypal. If you want to know more about this site, then check my other post.




This site is like other outsourcing sites. Just like other sites, employers can post a job and then freelancers can bid on that. This site also offers freelancers a chance to post about services they can provide.  Here is an example of the same:



If you are not finding any job, which suits you, then try working on some small tasks online. These tasks might not fetch you hundreds of dollars, but it is good to earn some extra bucks while working whenever you have little free time.

p.s. If you’ve had success with outsourcing sites  like these (or even if you haven’t), we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Best CPM and PPC sites with low payout limit

Chitika - Adsense Alternative

Have you ever applied for a Google adsense account? I am sure if you have a website, you would have tried for adsense account, but as it always happens, Google doesn’t allow many websites to show their ads.  There might be a lot of reasons for the same like listed on adesense program policies. However, there are still many other websites similar to adsense and you can get an account easily there.

CPM(Cost Per Impression) ads are ads where you place an advertisement on your blog and you get paid for every 1000 impressions. 

I have listed few best CPM and PPC sites with low payout limit. I am already using Chitika and I can easily say that it is one of the best alternative of adsense. PPC or CPC (Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click) are ads where you get paid for every ad click generated from your website.

Best CPM and PPC sites with low payout limit

1. Chitika:

Chitika - Adsense Alternative


Chitika is one of the best PPC site out there. It is a very old and legit site. You can get paid for both clicks and impressions generated by ads published on your website. WordPress bloggers can directly use plugin by Chitika to show ads on their sites.

Once you reach the minimum payout limit of $10, Chitika will send payment through Paypal.

2. Tribal Fusion:


It claims to share highest revenue share with the publishers. If you are getting traffic but unable to convert that into revenue, then try this site as it will pay you for every ad impression. It only accepts sites with at-least 10,000 impressions per month.

You can get paid once you reach minimum payout limit of $50. It pays through check on net 45 days basis.

3. Value Clicks:


Value Click Media only accepts website with top level domain(.com,.net,.org,.in,.de etc). Even if you are getting low traffic, you can apply for publisher account on this site. It accepts sites with 1,000+ impressions per month.

Minimum payout limit is $25 and it pays on net 30 days basis.

4. Technorati Media CPM:


It is little difficult to get your site approved for Tecnorati ads as they have very strict set of requirements. However, they are best in CPM ad industry, so if you like then, you can try your luck here. It has minimum payout limit of $50 and pays on net 30 days basis.

5. Banner Connect:



If your site is getting 10,000+ impression per month then you can try this site. Minimum payout limit is $30 and they pay on net 30 days basis.

6. CPX Interactive:


CPXI accepts sites with at-least 10,000 impressions per month. If you own a site with sub domain like(.blogspot.com) then also you can apply for this. CPXI pay on net 45 days basis once you reach minimum payout limit of $100.

7. Burst Media:


It’s a good Technorati Media alternative. They pay once you reach $50 minimum payout limit on net 30 days basis. Burst media has payment options like Checks, Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT) and Paypal.

8. Adsinimages CPM:


They pay for ads shown on the Pictures. If your site is about photography or you post a lot of images then you can try this one. It has no minimum payout limit and pays on net 45 days basis.

9. Adhitz:


It is best advertising site if you own a PTC site. It has minimum payout limit of $25 and pays through Paypal or Payza within 15 days once you reach payout threshold. You can earn minimum $0.035 and maximum $0.11 per click. They also allow advertisers to directly buy ad space from publishers.

10. BuySellAds(BSA):

buy sell ads

It is not a CPM or PPC site however, if you are interested in selling web space directly to advertiser then it is best market place. It is little difficult to get selected for this program however if your site make it through selection process then you can make a good amount here.


10 Best Coupon Promo Codes Sites

coupons and promo codes

Most of us whenever go for any online shopping, always prefer to look for some coupon or promo codes, which help us save a good amount of money. There are many sites out there, which provide these coupon codes but only few provides best deals. I have listed top 10 best coupon promo codes sites here.

10 Best Coupon Promo Codes Sites 

1.The Krazy Coupon Lady: (USA)

the web’s most comprehensive coupon database

This site has deal for anything you can buy online/on-mart. You can print coupons and use those at many stores.

2.Groupon: (International)


Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering fun activities in your city. You can get deals for local products as well on other goods. If you are planning for some trip, then don’t forget to have a look on this site, you might get some very good deals. This site also offers chance to make money by selling their coupons codes.

3.Coupons: (USA)


All deals on this site is only available for US audience. This site is the most popular coupon site with thousands of coupons available for hundreds of stores. You can make money on this site by using their affiliate program.

4.Coupon Dunia: (India)


This coupon site is specially for Indians. This site is India’s best coupon site. Before you buy anything online or on-mart just have a look on this site. You might get a deal which can make you save even 50%. it helps you save money through its comprehensive listing of coupons, offers, deals & discounts. Whether it’s shopping from top online brands or eating at your favourite local restaurants, CouponDunia provides you multiple options for easy saving and smart shopping.

 5.RetailMeNot: (International)


You can get a very good deal for any retail product on this site. This site has coupons for more than 50,000 stores. It has a database of 5,00,000+ coupons or promo codes for different types of products. Site provides coupons for countries UK, India, France, USA, Canada, Australia buyers.

6.Promotional Codes: (USA)

promotional codes and coupons

This site has 20,000+ promotional codes for over 5,000 stores. Average saving per coupon user of this site is around $35. It provides coupons for only USA buyers.

7.eBates: (International)

Ebates Coupons and promo codes

It offers coupon or promo codes to over 1,000 stores.

You can sort through coupons by store, category, or what kind of deal is being offered, like codes for free shipping, money off, and free gifts. All these coupons codes given you a good cash-back for every purchase you do. Cash-back can anywhere between 2 to 10%.

8.WebbyPlanet: (International)


It is great place to saving, incorporating 30,000 stores and over 1,50,000 coupon or promo codes. It offers coupons for countries UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

The website’s online discount shopping directory allows users to search and shop for items at discounted prices.

9.Coupon Chief: (International)


It is best site for both saving and making money by using coupon codes. You can participate in Pays-2-Share program by entering coupons, and even download a widget to add to your own website or blog. you’ll earn money every time someone uses your coupons. You can make 2% of purchase price by every sell which uses your coupon.

10.Savings: (International)


It’s tag line “Why Pay Full Price?” is best which suggest that you will get best deal here so no need to pay full price instead you can get a discount of even 50% by using coupon code. You can also make money by using its affiliate program.


If you any other best coupon sites then please share with other using comment section.

Easy ways to make money online quickly


On This page, You’ll find the best and easy ways to make money online. You will start making money by today itself. These ways are pretty much tested by us, and some are from this site readers. You can also share your own ideas in comment section, which will help others. We will keep adding new ways here so please bookmark this page.


Easy Ways to make money online quickly

1.    Online surveys:

Complete Free Surveys - Easy ways to make money online quickly

This is very much popular way to make money online. There are many companies which pay to researchers to test and complete free surveys about their products. These companies use third-party survey sites for the surveys. There are many such sites where you can complete these free surveys. You can make up to $5 for some surveys!

See our other post to know about survey sites Get Paid To Take Surveys!


 2.   Get paid for searching web:

How did you find this site? Did you use any search engine? If yes, then you could have made some money while doing the same. This might be the easiest way to make money while doing things you normally do.

The innovative idea by Qmee rewards you money every-time you search on google, yahoo or some other search engine. You just need to install a small add-on to your web browser. Whenever, you conduct search on these search engines, there would be few sponsored result alongside with other results.  Every sponsored result has a reward attached to it. You can collect your reward by clicking on result. 

If you are still confused that how does it work then check Qmee-How it works!

Make Money by searching web

There is no minimum payout so you can cash-out anytime through PayPal. If you want then you can donate this money to charity.

Other then Qmee, you can earn rewards for searching web on Bing.

Note: Qmee and Bing search offers are available only in USA and UK.

3.    ‘Get Paid To’ sites:

Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks

Get paid to sites, also called GPT sites are good source of online income. These sites pay you to complete simple free offers, watching videos, for completing small tasks, etc. These sites pay through Paypal or you can select one of reward mentioned there.

The most popular sites are SwagBucks, Points2Shop, Toluna.

There are many other best get paid to sites with low minimum payout!



4.    Start your own blog:

This is one of the best way to make money. If you are good in writing then, you can always make lot of money through blogging. A blog can generate money through many different ways. I have a small post on ways to make money through blogging.

Read a step by step guide on how to set a free or self hosted blog!


5.    Get cash back while shopping:

Earn Money through cash backThis is more of saving than earning, However it is still better to use cash back sites while shopping. It is win – win situation when you buy anything using these sites. You will get your stuff and also a good cash back which can be anything between 0.5% to 10.5%.

UK reader can join Topcashback or Quidco !



6.    Gigs on fiverr:

If you are good in anything like singing, writing, translating, social media posting, music, graphics etc., then fiverr is for you. This site has simple concept, users offer(called gigs) others something they will do for them in just $5(this is default amount). Here is an example of the same:

Gigs on fiverr

Even if you don’t like creating gigs and selling these, you can still make money by selling other’s gigs on sites like Elance. As an example, if someone is hiring for creating their company logo on Elance and paying $50 then just bid for this. If your bid is selected, you can buy a gig for $5 on fiverr and sell it on Elance. Simple, isn’t it?


 7.    Work on ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk':

If you have not heard about mturk then get details here Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for work . This site gives you a chance to work from your home and make a good amount(some people even make more than $1000 monthly). You get paid to complete simple tasks, surveys, testing games, completing study, etc.

Work on Amazon Hits

Note: Currently, Mturk is accepting registration from only USA . You can try mturk alternative sites, if you are not from USA.


8.    Buy and sell domains:

Buy Sell DomainA domain name is just a websites address(ex. www.earndollartips.com). You can book a domain for as low as $1.99 per year. Special Savings! $1.99 .COMs now at GoDaddy!

I sold one of my domain for $250 and made a profit of about $225. A premium domain can fetch you around $1000 if not millions. I have heard so many stories about people selling their domain for thousands of dollars. Just register any domain name which has some commercial value and sell it at sites like Sedo or Flippa


So what are you waiting for, start searching domain name. Buy a domain name, park it and sell it once you have a good deal.

9.    Work as freelancer:

Work as a freelancerThere are so many jobs out there which require simple skill. If you enjoy writing, managing  Facebook pages, doing simple graphic, working on data entry tasks in your spare time then, work on sites which offer freelancer jobs.

There are few good freelancer sites like Freelancer.com or Elance!




10.    Sell your photos:

If you have good photos then you can fetch some money by selling through online. You can try uploading your photographs for free to stock websites like Fotolia or istockphoto.

You can make more money selling photo subjects that people are demanding, and there’s a great resource to find this out here.


11.    Earn money with smartphone:

Make money using smartphoneIf you have a smartphone then you can make enough money to pay your monthly mobile bill. There are many apps which pay you for testing other apps, watching videos, completing surveys etc.





Read More: Android Apps Which Pay You Real Money And Rewards


 12.    Earn money by working on small tasks:

Work on tasks and earn moneyThere are few legit sites where you can make money by working on small tasks which takes only few minutes to complete. Most of these tasks do not require skill.

These sites offer best opportunities to work from home and earn a fair amount of money. Other than just working on these sites yourself, you can also make money by referring others. Most of these sites, pay around 10-25% commission, ex. If your referral makes $10 then you will also get anything between $1-$2.5.


Read More: How to earn money online by working on small task?

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