Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for work Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work. A Mechanical Turk worker can earn money by completing simple tasks called as hits.  MTurk gives businesses and developers access to an on-demand, scalable workforce. Workers select from thousands of tasks and work whenever it’s convenient; also the best thing is that, you do not have to pay anything. It is totally free, and you can earn hundreds of dollars monthly. So, how to work on a hit?

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How much you can earn by working at MTurk is totally depends on you. The amount of time you will spend on MTurk will decide how much you will earn. I am working almost 1 hours daily and earning $100 per month. Below is a screenshot of my earning at MTurk:  Mturk Payment  

You can request money when you have at-least $25 in your account(It takes around one week to reach this payout limit, if you work only 1 hour daily). There is $4 transaction fee for every check you request. You can check my first paycheck from this amazing site – Mturk Paycheck If you want to earn some extra money by working few hours daily online, then join Mturk now >>>>Join MTurk>>>>

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    1. Tramadol Cheap Ken,Thanks for the note. I agree that having peploe surf through the photos as they choose wouldn’t be very productive. When you’re talking about a visual search, the MTurk method makes sense to me, and the fact that it hasn’t born fruit, yet, doesn’t invalidate the approach.Regarding the question of how many times you need to cover a given search area, there are ways of estimating the effectiveness of a search, and CAP uses them. The surprising thing to me about those estimates is how low the probability of detection is after one, or even a few, passes. That’s one reason why the MTurk search is so valuable; you get lots of eyes on the same area. And, from what I can tell, you’re right that the MTurk folks know what they’re doing.What I’m suggesting is a complementary method of trying to locate good places to search. You ask peploe to set aside the photos and have each give his or her single best guess as to where the plane is based on the known information, i.e., the aircraft, the pilot, the terrain, the weather, etc. You then aggregate those guesses into a single combined guess.Surowiecki’s idea in The Wisdom of Crowds is that this combined guess will be as good, or better, than any individual guess.You would, of course, follow up by examining the photos at the aggregate location and if promising sending a search crew.Having spent time looking for folks in uncomfortable weather, bouncing around in a small plane, the idea of searching in your PJs with a cool drink at hand is attractive. But, there is nothing like being there to convey the sheer size of the search; it makes you really appreciate how hard the search is.

    2. There are many memorable qtuoes from Harry Potter but this is my favorite and it fits in here perfectly. Yes, its sad that the boy wizard is just a memory now Lets get back to topic.Yes the name is confirmed. Its “Fernando”. And I’d prefer to call him Admin or Fernando and nothing else. I wouldn’t want to call him by an imaginary surname like he has mentioned. Thank you for the appreciation. I thought that for a PTC scene which had an audience of over a million, not a single person ever thought of interviewing Admins and getting to know them. I thought since nobody took the initiative, why not me ?Users have criticized meof gaining free publicity and trying to promote my site through these interviews. I don’t understand why people love to pull someone down when he his trying to do something different. I tend to ignore such people as there will always be a small lot who tend to talk negatively no matter what. Thanx a lot for your kind words. Q13 was answered very precisely on the forum so I am fine with the rather short answer here. The Admin has explained Q16 (about having 3 times reserve funds) on the forum about a year back. I’ll provide you the link tomorrow since right now I don’t have the time to search it. (I’ll edit this same comment)So thats exactly why they could survive the setback. But, since they were a legitimate company, everything went well Paypal Yes, now I can breathe easy that I don’t have to interview more Admins (although I am still waiting for an answer from the MatrixMails admin which I don’t think I will ever receive and also when NorthOwl has time). Till then I can put my feet up in the air and relax. Bye.

  1. Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online about methodically coneirvg every square meter of a search area repeatedly. If people just surfed satellite photos as they felt like it, I would be concerned that uninteresting areas might get overlooked, which could lead to a down plane being missed.I do wonder, however, how many times is enough times to cover a given search area, especially if the CAP already covered said area several times via planes? Should the Mechanical Turk search area be expanded beyond the original search area if the CAP already covered that area comprehensively? I will continue to search via Mechanical Turk whatever satellite photos those in charge feel need to be searched, because I have to assume they know best.One thing that they have finally added, but I would like to see more of, are sample photos of real plane crashes and not 20 40 year old crashes, but recent ones where the landscape has not had time to heal . To be effective, untrained eyes like mine need some tutorials as to what we might be looking for.There is a great potential for this technology to revolutionize search and rescue, but it will need to evolve to reach its full potential. Who knows, maybe there will be a virtual arm chair wing of the CAP where slippers and PJs are the official uniform. It would sure beat sleeping in a cold tent on some mountain air field.Cheers.

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