5 Best Websites to Make Extra Money Online

5 websites to make money online
Avoid the get rich schemes and try these websites to make real money

When you look for websites which offer money for working online, you might have come across ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. These ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme websites promise to show you ways to make thousands of dollars by working from home. Even, these websites claim that, they have proofs of same and have few screenshots of their bank account or paycheck with big dollars in it. Now days, it doesn’t require much skill to do photo-shop and create these proofs. I would suggest you that instead of wasting your valuable time on these ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme websites, you should try sites listed here. These sites might not help you earn money like offered by scheme websites however, you will receive your payment guaranteed. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other legit ways to earn a little bit of money online during your free time. There are many easy and legit ways to earn a few bucks on the Internet.  Here are five websites to try:

5 Best Websites to Make Extra Money Online


Amazon Mechanical Turk(Mturk)  is a website owned by Amazon where anyone can register and work on small tasks called hit. These tasks are published by requester. You get paid for completing these hits once your task is approved by requester. You can make anything starting from $0.01(there is no upper limit as many hits pay you $100 also) for each hit. On average, you can make around $10 per hour on this website. If you have not heard about this website and want to know more about it then read my other posts.


YouTube is well-known video sharing site. It is widely used for watching videos however, it offers good opportunity to make some extra money by publishing your videos on it. If you are good in cooking then you can create a video of about recipes or, you can publish some educational video and many more. On average, you can make around $1- $5 per 1,000 video views. If you have more videos then you would be able to make more money. Just imagine, if you have 50 videos and each video get at-least 5,000 view per month. Your earning for month would be anything between $250 – $1250 and what if you have more views for your video? There is no limit that you cannot reach on Youtube. There are many people who are making thousands of dollars monthly.


Fotolia is very popular website among photographers. If you have good photos then why not use Fotolia which can provide you opportunity to meet with people who might be interested in your photos. These people will pay you for photos they would like to use. As an example, if a publisher looking for a pic of cute girl for his campaign and you have it, then he will pay you buy right to use this pic. For a photography hobbyist, this is great way to make some money for your best photos.  

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Fiverr is website where you can $5 for almost anything like $5 for writing post, $5 for making a banner, $5 for making a video, $5 for publishing ads on craigslist and many more. So whenever, you have spare time and want to make money then post a job on this website saying I will do … for $5. Here is a sample of same:

Gigs on fiverr


Skillshare provides opportunities to people who are interested in teaching. You record series of videos on a topic that you know about – popular subjects include crafts, film, fashion and cooking – and then participate on the Skillshare forums related to your class. In exchange, you receive a cut of the money from the people who take your class. No teaching degree is necessary to get started, and the site says teachers can earn an average of $3,500 a year.



Bonus Websites: You can also try following websites:

Zirtual : It is kind of full-time job, where you work for a person who choose you zirtual assistant of his. This person will send you task like writing emails, research of some topic, etc. You can make at least $11 per hour.

FreeLancer : It offers many opportunities for people who wants to work as a freelancer. You can bid on work posted on this site and if your bid is selected then you get paid once, you complete the work.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing : It offers way to make money through your digital books. You can write on any topic and get paid for each download.

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