GetPaidTo – New GPT Site review – Legit or Scam? These days, there are many GPT sites which offer small tasks and pay you for completing these. Though, these sites don’t pay too much money however, you can make enough to pay your few bills monthly. I have been working on few of these GPT sites, I make around 200-300 dollars every month on these sites. I mostly prefer sites which have decent design and look reasonable. You might find GPT sites which offer you from 10 to 100 dollars for just referring others, I would like to tell you friends that, these sites are nothing but SCAM sites, they are never going to pay you even a penny. These sites are there to just steal email addresses and personal details of others. They make money by selling your information to advertisers.

Few days back, I joined new GPT site Website owner has spent both money and time for the design of website. There are many ways to make on this site like watching videos,  by completing tasks, surveys and offers. You can even make money by referring others. Payout limit is set to $1 so you can make your first cash-out on same day, you register on it. You can even earn cash-back for the purchase you make through this site.

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Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard I liked this website’s refer system. You can make $5 + 15% + 5% + 2% of referral income. When your friend joins you will be awarded 100 points when they earn 100 points within the first month. Plus you’ll get an ongoing commission on their total earnings.

Cash Bonus – How it works

It’s really simple – Just tell your friends about GetPaidTo and all the great ways to save and earn money here. When your friend signs up and earns $10 in confirmed cash-back, you’ll both receive a $5 bonus .

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Points Bonus – How it works It couldn’t be easier – Show your friends how to earn money from paid surveys and tasks. When your friend signs up and starts earning points, you’ll receive 15% commission.

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You can also earn points till 3 level. Like you get 15% for referring others, if your direct referral get new members under them then you again get paid 5% commission. It doesn’t stop here, you get paid 2% commission of your second level referral also get new members under them.


  • Cash-out minimum limit is low at $1.
  • You have option to use points to buy things or redeem.
  • You can cash-out through Paypal or bank transfer (ACH).
  • Best referring commission, pays till level 3 tier.
  • Many tasks are there for you to make money.
  • Other than making money, you can get vouchers and money-saving tips on blog/forum.


  • Site is new so not many payouts made.
  • It doesn’t show site statistics like no. of members, payouts made till now, etc.
  • Cash-out is not instant. LEGIT or SCAM? – We will be reviewing this site for few more days and will decide if this site is LEGIT or SCAM just like many others out there. I will post about time it takes to pay you and if there are any other issue with site.  

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    1. Sure If this really pays out and you know that then you would not mind sending me .01 cent paypal so I help you earn much more. If you do this It allows me to know it pays out and allows you to make money.

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