Create Free Blog and Earn Money

As this post heading suggests, I am going to write about how a free blog can be set up and how can it be used to earn money without any investment? I have seen the importance of blog, so I thought of writing about it, which can help people like you and me around the world. I would like to tell everyone that since I have created my own blog, I have been making five times more money than I used to earn by working online. OK, so here comes the first question – How to create a blog? These days it is very easy to have own blog as there are many websites, which offer free blogs like wordpressblogger, etc.  Just signup at any of these sites and follow the instruction How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide , you would be having your blog within few minutes. You can decide the theme and style of page which you would like to use. Once your blog is set, you can write posts and publish the same.

Once you have set up blog then there would be another question – How to earn money using blog? Before I write about anything about ways to make money using the blog, I would like to tell that you will not start making money overnight with your blog. It takes some time before you can see some results. I have this blog since almost 30 months now. I didn’t earn money in first six months but after that, my earning capabilities are increased, and now I am making about $250-300 monthly with my blog. Even though it is not very big amount but I am sure that I would be making around $500 monthly soon.

Create Free Blog and Earn Money

I am using following ways to earn money using my blog:

1. Affiliate Marketing: affiliate-marketing- Create Free Blog and Earn MoneyThis is the best method, and I use it a lot. You can write about any site, which pays for referring others to their site. When you join a site, you’ll get your link to refer others now just write something about that site on your blog and include your referral link in this. An example for the same can be found here – How to earn money online by working on small task? There are many other websites which share earning for any product sell. You can write about products and add your affiliate link. If someone click on this link and buy product, You will earn your commission. Commission for any sell can be anything from 25% to 75%.

2. Adsense: adsense - Create Free Blog and Earn Money Adsense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. (Wikipedia)  This is one of ways to show ads on blog. You will get paid for every unique visit(CPM) also for your click on ads. Adsense earning depends on number of visitors to any site. If any site is getting about 100 unique visits a day then adsense earning would be around $30-50 monthly. There are many blog posts about how to increase adsense earning. You can try few of guideline from these blogs to increase your earning capabilities.

3. Adhitz: Adhitz -Create Free Blog and Earn Money This site is similar to Adsense however, adsense require pre-approval before you start making money by showing ads. You can create a free account at Adhitz and start making money instantly. They pay through Paypal you once, you have $25 in account. If you get around 500 unique visitors a day then you can make $20-100 monthly.

4. Review Products: There are few websites which pay to you to write reviews for company products. Once your website or blog starts getting enough visitors, You can find some companies which pay to write about their products on your blog, they pay anything between $5 to $20 per post.  

5.  Sell Products(create online store): If you are selling any product on sites like eBay then, you can write about any products like Laptop, Tablet, Book, etc, and add product link in your post. You can always use affiliate marketing if you are directly not selling products. There are few websites like Amazon Associates which pay you to sell stuffs. You will earn around 10% to 50% commission for every product sold using your affiliate link. Here is an example of similar types of ads:

6. Sell Links: There are many people who want to add their site link to any niche website or blog. You can add their site link to your blog. You can make around $50 per site link. However, it is known that adding too many links can badly affect your google ratings and which can further reduce traffic to your site.

7. Third Party Advertisements: You need verified Adsense account to show ads on your blog which is the main problem with adsense. However, there are many other third-party advertising websites(ex. Chitika) which pay to show their ads on websites. You can make money for every click made by site visitors on ads shown. You can also create an advertisement here page. In this way, many online website owner can contact you directly to buy ad space on your blog or website.

P.S. – There are may other ways to make money using a blog. I’ll keep adding these ways here. If you know any other way then, please share using comment section.

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  1. Adsense is a great recourse — it can be hard to reach their payout minimum but they allow a great way to monetize and earn income from your posts.

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