How to get google adsense account approval

Order Tramadol From Mexico These days it is very difficult to get adsense account approval. There are many reasons for adsense application rejection like blog doesn’t have enough posts or contents are not relevant, etc. Before, you submit an application for an adsense account, there are some prerequisites, which should be completed else there is high probability that your application would get rejected. I have listed all steps below which you need to complete before you apply for adsense account.

10 Must Do Steps To Get Google Adsense Account Approval 10-Must-Do-Steps-before-applying-adsense

How to get google adsense account approval – Steps to follow 1. Create a blog:


Tramadol Cheap Overnight Fedex Without a blog or site, there is no point of checking next steps. If you don’t have a blog/site, then you should create one. It takes only few steps to create a wordpress blog. 2. Write relevant and quality posts: It is important that your blog has posts, which can help users. Instead of writing junk posts, which are of no use, you should be writing posts which are relevant and helpful. Google rejects all applications for sites which only offer copied or irrelevant contents.

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Tramadol Online Next Day Delivery 3. Write enough number of posts: 

Though there are no numbers set by google however, it is advisable that your blog should have at-least 10 quality posts before you apply for an adsense account. 4. Create contact us page:

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Google likes blogs, which have a contact page so blog visitors can contact admin for any query. There are many plugins available for wordpress which can help you create a contact page. You can try Contact Form 7 . 5. Submit your URL to search engines:

bing-google-yahoo-submit-link Once you have created a blog then, in order to make search engines find your blog, you are required to submit your blog URL to search engines. After URL is submitted to search engines, it will start getting indexed and blog will start getting organic traffic. There are many websites which can help you achieve this task. You can use Entire Web or Free Web Submission etc.  6. Create an account with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool:

Google Analytics tool helps to track traffic sources and visitor flow. These details can help you track the routes people take to reach you, and the devices they use to get there, so you can meet them where they are and improve the visitor experience.

Tramadol Cheap Cod Google Webmaster tool – As its tagline suggests “ Tramadol Tablets Online You want to be found on the web. We want to help.“, it helps you to track average ranking for each keyword for which your site was listed in a search. Further, it helps to find index status, crawl error, content keywords etc.

I think, it is wise idea to create a free account with google analytics and webmasters tool which can help you find issues with your site and in keeping track of your blog visitors. Also, having account with these tools make easy for google to review your adsense application. 7. Link your websites with the Analytics and Webmasters account: Once you have created analytics and webmasters account then make sure to verify your site by adding a small HTML code to your site. 8. Optimize your site: Optimizing your website properly is crucial to getting your site seen, searched and approved by the search engines and the public.

Order Tramadol Overnight Online 9 . Wait for 6 months: Before you apply for adsense account, make sure that your website is at-least 6 month old. This is mentioned in google adsense terms.

10. Apply for adsense account: google-adsense-approval-simple-tips-tricks If you have completed all above prerequisites, then it’s time to apply for adsense account. P.S. If this post helped you in anyway then please don’t forget to share it with others.

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