Is NeoBux paying Instantly? I have been working on NeoBux since past one year. Many of us have doubt if this website pays or not?  My answer is YES; this website pays instantly.

Here is a Neobux payment proof for the same when I requested my payment:
1. NeoBux Stats Before Payout: I had about $16 in my account so I decided to cash-out, here is the first snapshot before I requested payment.

Neobux payment proof  




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Order Tramadol Uk 2.. Paypal Stats Before Payout:

Get Tramadol Prescription Online I had no money in my Paypal account before cash-out so you would see yourself that just when I clicked cash-out button all $16 were deposited to my Paypal account by Neobux.

Neobux payment proof  

Buying Tramadol In Canada 3. Just Before Confirming Cash-out:

This is when I was at last step where I had to confirm if I am really like to cash-out, I had to just make sure that my paypal account id is correct before clicking yes.

Neobux payment proof  

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Buy Ultram Tramadol Online 4. After Confirming Payout:

Once I confirmed cash-out request, I got a message that “Your payment has been successfully sent to your Paypal account” which means my money is now transferred to paypal account I had given in last step.

Neobux payment proof  


5. Paypal Stats After Cash-out:

I logged into my Paypal account and there was no surprise as I said Neobux is so good in paying their members, and I too received my 15th Payment from them in just 7 minutes.

Paypal Stats after neobux payout








So you can see it took me only 7 minutes to receive my payment. NeoBux is one of best PTC site, I have come across. You can also make money at this site. P.S. – Please share your experience on Neobux with others in comment section.



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