Pay-Check From MTurk – Payment Proof

If you enjoy working online, I would suggest that you should try Mturk. check my other post Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for work to know more about Mturk.

This is my latest paycheck from mturk. I had already published first paycheck proof around 1 year back. Here is my another paycheck from this amazing online money earning site:

Pay-Check From MTurk – Payment Proof







If you are unable to create a new account at Mturk, You can try joining sites like Mturk. You can join few other sites where you can earn by completing tasks, free surveys etc.

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11 thoughts on “Pay-Check From MTurk – Payment Proof

    1. Vihang,

      Mturk has lot of tasks like surveys, game testing, writing, recordings etc. so its easy to earn money there with some effort.

  1. This is in rupees for those of you who did not notice… the check is equivalent to approximately $360 US dollars. WAY TO GO, by the way! I hope I can figure out how to earn that kind of money weekly on Mturk at the very least!

  2. Hi. Thank you for this post. I am new to MTurk and I like it but I do an awful lot of work for so little money. what does it take to get the higher paying jobs open up to a person and do you have any suggestions on how to become better at transcribing? I just cannot get the hang of it. Thank you.

    1. Mturk is site to work online. Many people publish their work which can be completed by workers on Mturk, workers get paid for completing these tasks.

    1. It totally depend on Mturk. Mturk approves account based on need. It is like hiring new employees for a company where any person can apply but only chosen by company based on need.

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