Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout 2015

What is get paid to site(GPT)? GPT is a site which pays their members for working on small tasks or offers like taking free survey etc.

Are GPT sites legit? Most of these sites pay their members 70-75% of amount they receive from their advertisers so they are already making profit with every task or offer a member is completing, this is the reason that most of the GPT sites are legit and paying their members on time. What are the best GPT sites out there? I am listing few of these GPT sites on which I have worked and received at-least one payment. There are many people who are making money by completing surveys, watching videos, etc. on these GPT sites.

Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout I have received payments from most of these GPT sites. You can find payment proofs here. I have only listed GPT sites which accept members from all countries. Zolpidem Where To Buy Also Read: Android Apps Which Pay You Real Money And Rewards

$1 Payout Limit GPT Sites Rewarding Ways:


Rewarding Ways - Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Rewarding Ways

This is one of  the best GPT site. There are a lot of offers, Paid to Click, Paid to Signup, Surveys, Watch videos tasks, etc. available on this site. Best thing about this site is that it has minimum payout limit only $1.00. You can request payment using PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Neteller & Amazon Gift Cards. You can refer your friends and get paid 25% of whatever they earn.

Cheap Ambien From Canada SuperPay:

Super Pay - Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Super Pay

SuperPay pay you daily for clicking PTC ads, completing daily surveys and other free offers. Once you have earned $1.00, you can get paid via PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Neteller or Amazon Gift Cards. There are many other ways to earn money here like referring friends. SuperPay pay 25% of all your referral earning also bonus of $0.10 for every referral who join this site and complete an offer. Offer Nation:

Offer Nation Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Offer Nation

Offer Nation is also similar to other GPT site. It has minimum payout of $1.00, you can get paid via PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Neteller or Amazon Gift Cards. Points2Shop:

Points 2 shop - Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Points 2 shop

Buy Generic Ambien Online Uk This site is active since 2007 so it is very trusted and legit site. You can make money by completing small free surveys. There are many other ways to earn on this site other than surveys like complete an offer, watch video or complete small task. It pays you to refer others and you can earn $1.5 + 15% commission per referral.

Rewards can be redeemed through checks, gift cards and Paypal. You can request payment once you have $1.00 in your account.

Buy Zolpidem Online GetPaidTo: - Logo

It is new site and has pretty good design. Other than working yourself on this site, You can make more money by referring your friends. It pays commission till level 3 tier. You can read a detailed post on this here – GETPAIDTO – NEW GPT SITE REVIEW – LEGIT OR SCAM? Also Read: How to earn money online by working on small task?

$5 Payout Limit GPT Sites


powercoins- Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout

This is very legit site and has many offers available all the times. You will get 1000 powercoins which are equal to $1 as a signup bonus. One thing which I like about this site is that it has its own android app. You can use this app and complete free offers any time. Once you have accumulated 5000 powercoins, you can either choose a gift card or can withdraw money into your Paypal account. Swag Bucks:

Swag Bucks - Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Swag Bucks I would rate this site as one of the best sites. You can earn $1-$20 / day on this site. You can request your payment using PayPal gift card once you reach 700 SB(Swag Bucks) which are equivalent to $5.00, also you can redeem these points for rewards you like.

More than $5 Payout Limit GPT Sites Treasure Trooper:

Treasure Trooper - Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
Treasure Trooper This site is also similar to other GPT sites. You can get paid for working on any Offers, Surveys, Search, Shopping etc. tasks. This site offers $1.00 sign up bonus. It pays 20% for first level referrals and 5% for second level referrals. Minimum payout limit is $20, you can request payment through PayPal once you reach payout limit. I will keep adding new sites here once I get paid from those sites so keep visiting this page.

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  3. I did it through Bulmen for Rs 500 per day. Just takes a little of my time and they pay cash. Here have many others options to earn and they are pretty interesting too…

  4. I’m very disappointed but it’s not your fault, I’d like specific information about sites that REALLY work for what is left of Venezuela and payed into a NETELLER account, if such a miracle happens PLEASE let me know

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