Review – SurveyJunkie – Scam or Legit? If you are reading this post that means you are interested in knowing about ‘Survey Junkie’ before registering on this site. You might be trying to find out if this is another scheme, which is trying to get sign-up to a website which looks promising.

SurveyJunkie Scam Or Legit? SurveyJunkie Scam Or Legit

First thing to note is that ‘Survey Junkie’ only accepts USA or some other selected countries’ zip codes. Once you have registered, it will again ask you to join few other survey sites.  It means, before you could complete your registration on this site, it has already started giving your information to other companies/sites. 

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“Survey Junkie” is not really a market research company. “Survey Junkie” gets you submit as much as information in the name of providing you surveys which match your profile. Once they have collected all information about you, they resell this information to others sites. Though, I don’t think, it does it in illegal ways as, it asks you to join other sites to get new surveys. Once, you accept this term, they give all you information to other company. Also Read: HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE BY WORKING ON SMALL TASK?

Truth is that Tramadol Orders Online “Survey Junkie” will pass along information what they collect to companies/advertisers willing to pay for it so those advertisers can send you their own ads and offers. Your email inbox, spam box and phone voicemail will soon after fill up with junk from those who bought your info.

Get Tramadol Online Be very careful about what you are agreeing to when you accept the trials and offers Survey Junkie sends you to. Some will have confusing terms that will cost you much money and headaches by not cancelling after trial period expires.

Personally, I do not recommend “Survey Junkie”.  If you really want to join legit survey sites then read this post GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS “Survey Junkie” is nothing but a spammer which will flood your email box with thousands of mails from their advertisers. You will stay away from this site if you are intelligent enough 🙂

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